Spanish proofreading & copy editing

Spanish proofreading

Proofreading is an indispensable final quality control of your Spanish contents so that you can publish them with the absolute certainty that your readers will not encounter any embarrassing typos or errors.

We have all been there. Our text seems perfectly fine until we hand it over to someone else for review. And as it turns out, we did miss a few tiny things…

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This happens because it is very difficult to spot our own errors, and also because the speed at which many professionals need to generate and publish content nowadays leads to all sorts of errors that otherwise would probably not occur.

But remember: a text with errors suggests lack of professionalism, undermines the credibility of its message and discredits the author’s work, opinion or creativity.

That is why it is highly advisable to have your written contents carefully reviewed by a professional proofreader before hitting Send or Publish.

Irene Márquez Linares

Spanish translator, proofreader and copy editor.

Fast, professional revisions of Spanish content at reasonable prices.

What type of reviews do you do?

I accommodate to my client’s specific needs, but there are two main types of text review:


I ensure your text is clean and presentable.

Complete correctness of your text is guaranteed, as well as compliance with the current guidelines by the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language and the recommendations of the most trusted experts in Spanish grammar and spelling.

This review focuses solely on form correctness.

I give you back your content free of:

  • typos
  • spelling errors
  • incorrect or ambiguous puntuation
  • typographic inconsistencies
  • basic grammar inaccuracies


I go beyong proofreading and edit the text to make sure it is coherent, style-consistent and flows naturally. I examine the content thoroughly and make improvements on the text structure, paragraph arrangement and sentence construction.

This is a review that looks both at form and meaning.

I give you back your content free of:

  • all grammar errors
  • inconsistent or ambiguous phrasing
  • unnecessary foreignisms or localisms
  • lexical inaccuracies
  • repetition, cacophony and internal rhymes
  • lack of appropriateness according to the tone of the text

All types of contents in Spanish

General and specialised / Digital or printed release

Digital content

Content marketing, web content, blog posts and social media updates

Journalistic papers

Articles, reports, interviews, etc.

Academic papers

Research papers, dissertations, theses, etc.

Literary work

Text books, scientific manuals, novels, comic books, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions:


How do I get a revision quote?

Contact me with: a word count and a sample of the content. Please note I can’t make an estimate without these two elements.


In what format does the content need to be?

Ideally, in an editable digital format. Otherwise, I can convert it myself but I will apply an additional charge for content processing that will be set according to text extension and format complexity.


Do you work on paper?



Will I be able to make consultations with you after the review?

Of course. I like to work closely with my clients, especially if they are the author of the content, so they get a resulting text with which they are fully satisfied.

Spanish proofreading

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