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Stamped translations of your official documents by an authorised sworn translator of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Certified Translations

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Types of Document


Certificates, transcripts, accreditations…

Civil registry

Identity documents, birth certificates, marital status, marriage certificates…


Court and notary documents, powers of attorney, wills and testaments…


Contracts, financial reports, bank records…

Irene Márquez Linares

Sworn Translator of English in Seville

Authorised by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation


I’m an expert in communication and efficient problem-solving.

I was very impressed by Irene’s work. Not only was the translation accurate, but the attention to detail with regard to the format of the pages was really strong. I could tell from the documents she returned to us that her attention to detail and ability to arrive at creative solutions is very high. I will only use this translator in the future. 

Michael – Artistic Director

What is a certified translation

A certified translation is a translation performed by a sworn translator who has been duly authorised by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation to attest, with their stamp and signature, the accuracy and faithfulness of a translation with respect to its original.

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Sworn translators in Spain are registered on the Ministry’s official list of sworn translators by province and they have the capacity to stamp and sign exclusively from and into the languages in which they are officially authorised.

A translation certified by a Spanish sworn translator has international validity.

When are certified translations required

Any type of document may require a certified translation when it needs to be officially registered with a foreign entity or institution. Therefore, the specific cases and purposes of a certified translation are countless.

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In theory, even a love letter could require a certified translation should it need to be officially registered. However, the most usual types of documents are those concerned with the paperwork required to live and work abroad.

It is also very frequent in the areas of international law and business, since the translation of all legal documents associated to international operations or court proceedings also need to be certified.

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Service terms and conditions:


All certified translations bear my stamp and signature on each page together with the official declaration at the end, by which I certify the accuracy and faithfulness of the translation.


Since my stamp and signature acknowledge the accuracy of the translation with respect to an original, it is essential for me to see the original document before starting the translation.


Although I have standard rates according to the specific type of document, I need to see the original document in order to provide a quote.


Certified translations are delivered in paper format and attached to a dated and signed photocopy of the original document. Delivery is therefore made personally, by certified post or through a courier service.


When establishing the deadline, it is important to take into account the time it will take the delivery to reach the address of destination from the city of Seville.


Delivery expenses will be charged separately and will be included in the quote.

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