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Audiovisual translation

The video has become the format of choice in our brave new digital world. Today, most professionals and businesses choose to create their own multimedia content. That’s why audiovisual translation is so crucial.

A translation into Spanish will give your message wings to ensure that it travels across the global market.

Audiovisual translation

Irene Márquez Linares

Specialist in subtitling, dubbing and voice over

I’m an expert in communication and efficient problem-solving.


Here’s an idea of the types of material I work with:



Open up your video-blog to Spanish users and significantly increase the traffic to your website.


Fiction / Anime

Translate your fictional contents into Spanish and gain over 400 million potential viewers.


Video tutorials

Make your e-learning contents available in Spanish and widen the number of potential students.


Documentary films

If your story is worth being told, it should be available in a widely spoken language such as Spanish. Translate your story and watch it spread like wildfire.


Commercial videos

Millions of potential buyers want to know about you. Advertise in Spanish and open your business to the extensive Spanish-speaking market.


Official Announcements

Embrace the Spanish community in your area by offering reliable Spanish versions of your official communications.

Translation modalities   


Get your script translated and spotted for close or open captions.

Voice over

Get your script translated, ready to be voiced in Spanish.


Get your script translated and ready for the dubbing studio.

Service terms and conditions:


Audiovisual translation includes several different services which will be quoted separately: transcription of the original audio; spotting of the script for dubbing, voice over or subtitling, and its translation according to the chosen modality.


In order to prepare a quote, I need to see the material or a representative sample.


When requesting a quote, make sure that you specify the number and length of the videos, the translation modality and the services required.

Audiovisual translation

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Have a look at my other services.

Need anything else?

Have a look at my other services.

Certified translation

Stamped Spanish translations for your academic, legal, financial or civil registry documents.

Spanish proofreading & copyediting

Make sure your contents are free of any errors that could make you look bad.